I’ve had a love of photography and travel from a very early age when my mum planted a camera in my hands and took me into the wilds of Europe, Australia and America.

Photography brings together my many passions: travel to distant lands, nature and the wild, meeting new people and imersing in a new culture, sailing, skiing and hiking, and the aim to capture the perfect moment in the frame.

Travels have taken my wife El and I to many places: the jungles of the Amazon and South-east Asia, the Incan ruins of Peru, the peaks, valleys and hamlets of the Alps, the western Sahara, the Mediterranean islands of Italy, Greece and Croatia, and the spectacular landscapes of America and Australia.

Video is a natural extension of my photogaphy, allowing me to tell the narrative of a journey and capture the sights, sounds and actions of our adventures. While photography is ideal for landscapes and portraits, video is the perfect medium for sailing, skiing and our other adventure sports.

Enjoy my photography and videos and welcome your feedback and ideas!


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  1. Ian and Veronica Rotari

    Hi Fil, we are a young family from Republic of Moldova. We’ve watched all your videos from your European Roadtrip and are very impressed. We also dream one day to travel to Europe and even maped out all the places we want to see, and made a plan by days! )), but we’re still waiting for a better financial situation.
    But you two are very brave and cool that managed to travel. We don’t think everyone has the nerve to do it.
    God bless you, and may you have a lot of other interesting trips and share them with us, with your amazing videos and photos!
    Good luck maybe we’ll meet one day in Europe!

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